2018 Season Highlights
Posted Feb 20, 2016


From the desk of the Director:

MYFF is for boys and girls GRADES 1-9 looking to play the Non contact version of football, with no blocking allowed! MYFF plays under the NFL Play 60 rules and our goal is to keep the games Fun, Safe and Competetive for all Divisons!

Each Player will receive an NFL reversible game jersey and flag belt with signing up. Coaches set up weekly Practices ( Middle or High School Fields) and most games are Saturday mornings at the Medway Middle School. Games start anywhere from 8:30am-12:30pm. Pre season starts in AUGUST with a few skill sessions/ Evaluations then Team Practices can start any time after August 21st and then the regular season kicks off the first saturday in Septemeber after labor day and runs through November 4th. We have a 7 game regular season with playoffs and the top two teams in each division play in our championship games! 

Games run around 60-70 mins. MYFF has a small consession stand set up at the field on game days only. All players need to have a mouth piece and non metal cleats for all games and practices. We also recommend all players wear the MYFF socks and shorts at all games. These can be purchased before the season throught the MYFF store.  

GRADE Divisions

1-2 graders

3-4 graders 

4-5 graders * players will be placed based off a draft

7,8,9th graders *players will be placed based off a draft

Players are allowed to only play in one Age group Division during the season. Coaches are responsible for reporting the scores to the league. 

Coming out of the league players will improve their confidence, running with the football, pass receiving skills, flag pulling, understanding of the game, player positions, and offensive and defensive strategies! MYFF has a mandatory playing time requirement for all teams, all players will will get to play both sides of the football, offense and defense during each game for a min. amount of series. Also each player will get and oppurtinity either by handoff or a pass thrown to them to get the football each game. These rules will be enforced by the league.     

We have a team of over 20 referee's, Larry Calderone is the Director of Officiating for MYFF.

As we prepare for the season we ask all parents and coaches to be respectful to All referee's at all times. 

The Ref's have had multiple clinics to prepare for the season and they will try there best- the main things that they will enforce is:

rough play- trash talking - offsides - delay of game- flag guarding - pass interference

We will allow the kids to celebrate touch downs and good plays - but taunting another player will lead to an automatic ejection from the Game. 

The main thing is player safety and making sure the kids have fun! If there is an issue we ask that you take it up with the MYFF Board of Directors or Larry at Larry@medwayflagfootball.com